Envisioning the next generation of decentralised community development that encapsulates financial freedom and innovation. And with a foundation of design. With a commitment to not just growth, but also scaling the wonder that is creativity.
Sustainable extraction is possible by mitigating risk, for the investor, entrepreneur and market. Known for a commitment to identifying the best opportunities, merchantW establishes an exit structure that benefits both the buyer and the seller.

What if there was a new way to value the concept of a modern Blockchain market for design?

Now there is, with merchantW. Our tacit principles: We create breakthrough beta designs with a built-in Exit Strategy Multiplier℠ manifested by the pico-fund. Foresight in the Blockchain asset landscape. Bridging investment risk mitigation and scale-up invention. Global execution, curated in London, with the wider-community in mind.

Knowledge is as good as the framework that ebbs and flows with the market. That’s why we are a mainstay for innovative beta approaches to explore the legacy and the next generation. With a digitally native landscape, based on Blockchain vertical and horizontals, merchantW provides a model for continuous improvement on and off-line.

merchantW is: Performance ready. Leading edge. Movement based. Locating value. Interoperable. Blockchain oriented. Long-term. Foresight optimised. Perpetually beta. Always developing.
Our design architecture: Application solutions. Advanced co-creation. New partnership environments. Participant development. Breakthrough success. Post-disruption approach. Digital MVPs. Streamlined opportunities. Curated experience. Continuous generation. Lean agile. Viable scaling.

The merchantW universe technological framework

A Holographic Approach™

New crypto-currency proprietary methodology and software, which makes consensus visually possible in many different formats.

Digital design
Integrated code
Distributed ledger
Smart contracts
Harmonised structure
Lifecycle approach

Do you need a Blockchain application? The merchantW discovery module is your bridge to more efficient processes and more profit.

The merchantW exploration module is your complete design solution. We meld new and old, to bring you innovative results.