The Oracle

Why should an Oracle be an integral part of the merchantW community?
To operate a market efficiently there has to be a human element that is an uptick in a constant that moves instruments forward to achieve a harmonious equilibrium; an Oracle does just that by facilitating only what is lacking as far as liquidity, in motion, driving the information generation process forward.
Embedded token into the woven infrastructure, of fine art, clothing, furniture, blueprints, materials, etc., a merchantW Oracle, may or may not assist in the integration of the Blockchain feed to the owning participant, so that they can optimise their value-add to the market environment.
Part of the everyday building blocks that make up the smart cities of tomorrow, are trillions of physical world assets that have no connection with the Blockchain- this is where an Oracle can humanise the flow of life, and its interactions with the interlinked manifestations which share ownership.