Design use-case

An inventor has worked on a widget for ACME Corp. that they founded, and has completed a 3D printed prototype that involves the blockchain, but does not know how to scale-it up.
With comprehensive network, technical, financial and operational resources, we work with the inventor to establish their niche in the design space, while providing them with the basis for complete blockchain life-cyle rewards.
This means that in this case, the object would encompass designer guidelines and our standards of delivery in assuring the market that it would be accepted as not just functional, but of form as well. Whether this be an integrated beacon, or adhering to an external international coding standard, merchantW is able to guarantee a level of precision, that all too often, is not taken into account, entrepreneurially.
The token that is imprinted, represents the best that design has to offer, all at market price. The democratic process then occurs again, as votes about audience interaction are generated.
merchantW and the inventor work in a new working dynamic, where their product is brought to the public as exit-ready, and they join the community for further expansion.