Community Guidelines

With the goal in mind of best serving the community, merchantW is committed to facilitating personal and professional growth for each person that participates.

We believe that for there to be a real impact made, there have to be some guidelines, that are not set in stone, but a way to look at how to engage with other people and the digital framework that makes it all possible.

Here are some tenets to review for potential and current participants:

  • As this is an autonomous organisation, we think that having freedom is paramount and providing the opportunity for people to share their thoughts freely, while making a definitive impact on merchantW, is the foundation of why this exists.
  • Most importantly, respecting each other is what makes this decentralised expedition possible.
  • Contributing real value, without the prospect of it being reciprocated, leads to innovation.
  • Things change- because the boundaries of the Blockchain are still being defined, this is a dynamic venture.
  • There is risk involved with this new frontier, and as such, expectations should be held in reality.

Visitors should also stay current with the merchantW Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, as well as with the Community Guidelines, which are updated on a scaling basis.

And remember, to have fun, and explore the nexus that is the Blockchain, while improving your own way of life.