As the October 15, 2017, ICO has ended, merchantW now enters the next stage of development. Watch this space as we develop trade token based design commerce further. What improvements would you like to have built upon?Read More →

Learn more here, activated until November 15th, 2017- be a part of the evolution of leading edge design on the Blockchain, today.Read More →

What is the best way for the visual to be represented on the Blockchain? Apart from a flat design, a hologram can best depict the dynamic and static nature of the items to be explored. This is because there is a two-dimmensional and three-dimensional reality that coexists- much like the digital and physical worlds. Understanding this, allows for merchantW to reach new depths of understanding as to where the Blockchain and currency are going, and more importantly the limitless possibilities that have yet to be discovered. Where do you envision holographic monetary instruments intersecting with the everyday projections that you are accustomed to?Read More →

With the aim in improving the token space from a design agnostic perspective, merchantW is looking forward to participating in the ICO market starting October 15, 2017. The White Paper Beta is available for public consumption- as this is completed technically, further information will be available about how to take part in this W token sale. Thanks, and onwards and upwards!Read More →

It is almost as if Millennials have been waiting for the Blockchain. Many of the challenges that this generation are experiencing, have the potential to be solved by this breakthrough technology. However, this does not mean that this is going to an end all, be all solution. What it does mean is that the future looks bright for many young professionals that may not know exactly where to apply their skills best, in the new economy. In the case of creative sector, because of the proliferation of mobile devices and increased communication, the monetisation opportunity is massive. But often more importantly, it is also aboutRead More →

Getting to design harmonisation is what merchantW is all about, but how to get there? There are a million ways to achieve equilibrium in the market, but it is almost impossible within the crypto-economic and design spectrum of things at this stage. Why is that? Because of historical barriers of monetisation and age-old creative methodologies that dictate how to do business, it can be difficult for modern artist engineers to get what is rightfully theirs. This arrives in the form of a coin, but also authentication- how do you best envision the path forward in bridging economic incentives?Read More →

The mechanics that shape the eventual arriving place for a product is the focus of the current stage of development. We envision a space where the blockchain allows for free movement, not just of cross-user contracts, but also of from the creative side of things. This is where things get real interesting, for it is this crux, that merchantW is after. How can the best intersection between design, humanity and automation take place? Join us as we enter this new exploration phase.Read More →

As a pico-scale investment startup vehicle, merchantW is excited about the prospect of expanding its portfolio through the integration of new monetary instruments. To get an idea about where we are at in the beta development of upcoming fundraising, you can read about this here: White Paper Beta We encourage the wider-community to contribute to the improvement of this model and look forward to serving subscribing customers in the upcoming months, with leading-edge breakthrough designs.Read More →

Actively developing the foundation of the merchantW pico-fund. If you would like to experience capital abundance, both in the virtual and physical, we would love to engage with you. Our vision is that we can create an environment that just makes company sales, while co-creating the future of product and service application. Join us as we embark on the next generation of exits and deal flow.Read More →