A welcome from the Director

In 2016, we set out to launch a pico-fund that would transform the beta application space. Since, merchantW has itself, evolved towards providing a blockchain solution to improve design worldwide.
The team is keen to continue on creating, and now with additional technical and monetary tools to take this economy to the next level. How do we get to equilibria, while achieving a single market? This is what drives us, day in and day out.
From digital rights management to embedded hardware, we seek the best solution for creatives that want to monetise their assets, while staying leaders in their respective field.
Implore you to engage in the development of this community and participate where you think is a good fit. And, remember to stay in time, in this age of accelerated change.
About our organisation:
merchantW is a pico-scale investment management startup vehicle. We sell premium caliber solutions to innovative participants. Founded in 2016, our service bridges human capital and technology.
With a focus on leading edge digital enterprise, we work in verticals on the design blockchain within real estate, fashion, innovation development and art, while exploring new lands of discovery.
To the next,
Ian Tyner, Director